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Amerisa Suites & Villa
Φηρά - Σαντορίνη

Οι σουίτες Amerisa, που βρίσκονται σε ένα μαγευτικό και αξέχαστο σκηνικό, στην ανατολική πλευρά των Φηρών (πρωτεύουσα της Σαντορίνης), 650 μέτρα από την κεντρική πλατεία, το Amerisa Suites αποτελείται από δωμάτια, σουίτες και βίλα, είναι μια νέα επώνυμη πρόταση διαμονής για να ζήσετε. και όνειρο. Μακριά από ένα απρόσωπο ξενοδοχείο, η εγκατάσταση μοιάζει περισσότερο με ένα όμορφο ιδιωτικό σπίτι.
Amerisa Villa - Amerisa Suites

Amerisa Villa


Η βίλα Αμέρισα βρίσκεται στην ανατολική πλευρά του νησιού 8 λεπτά από το κέντρο των Φηρών και 5 λεπτά από την Καλντέρα της Σαντορίνης. Προσφέρει απεριόριστη θέα, ιδιωτικότητα και όλες τις ανέσεις για να κάνουν ευχάριστη την παραμονη σας στην Σαντορίνη. 

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Αυτή η τέλεια αρμονία με τη φυσική ομορφιά της Σαντορίνης
σημαίνει ότι το Amerisa είναι κάτι περισσότερο από ένα μέρος για ύπνο, μάλλον είναι μια πρόσκληση για όνειρα... Η μαγευτική φυσική ομορφιά και η περίοπτη αιγαιοπελαγίτικη αρχιτεκτονική, σε συνδυασμό με την εξαιρετική φιλοξενία και τα πολυτελή καταλύματα εγγυώνται χαλαρωτικές και μαγευτικές διακοπές.
Σε αυτό το χαλαρωτικό περιβάλλον οι επισκέπτες μπορούν να απολαύσουν τη μαγευτική θέα
και την ανατολή του ηλίου από την πανοραμική βεράντα (ιδανική για πρωινό) πίνοντας ένα δροσερό ποτήρι λευκό κρασί δίπλα στη πισίνα. Το Amerisa Suites είναι χτισμένο ακριβώς εκεί που ο γαλάζιος ουρανός συναντά το τιρκουάζ της θάλασσας, ελάτε να ζήσετε τον μύθο σας.

Το Amerisa Suites & Villa είναι έμπνευση!

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Everything! I don’t think there’s anything I could complain about! Private bathroom, with shower, toiletries, towels and a hairdryer! Air conditioning in the room above the beds, with the switch to turn it off right next to me so I didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night. Staff was so friendly and very helpful and let me check in early after a long 24h of travelling. He also gave me a pamphlet about santorini and recommended me where to go and what to see. The room had a TV, wardrobe, table and chairs, and a fridge! Was able to keep my drinks cold throughout the night for the day ahead. Such stunning views from just outside the hotel and it’s situated at only a 10min walk from the Fira bus station, main bus station in santorini where all buses start and finish at. Very impressed, very happy and would definitely book again when I come again in the future
Awesome place to stay. Staff so friendly and helpful upon arrival. Shown straight to the breakfast room, wasn’t even checked in, so thoughtful at our early arrival in the am. Lovely clean ro9m, fresh bottled water, lovely pool, grea5 breaky. Given a map to town and had a very enjoyable stay here
Very nice and cozy hotel in a quiet area. The management goes out of their way to help you. If you need a cab at any time of the day, contact Ralitsa, who will arrange it for you with clear instructions. The breakfast is served in an open terrace overlooking a bay. The only downside is the smell of the sewage in the bathroom, perhaps due to problems with sewage on the island.
The hotel is spotless the staff go above and beyond the call of duty great choice at breakfast and plenty to eat Good location and a refreshing plunge pool to cool down in after a hot day Would definitely recommend and if ever we went to Santorini we would stay again.
We stayed in the triple room and found it to be a really good size - sometimes triples can feel like you're living on top of each other, but our room at the Amerisa Suites felt quite comfortable. Everything was clean, the wifi worked and the staff very friendly and accommodating. It's about a 10-15 min walk from the bus station so it wasn't too hard even with bags. There is a little bit of up/down/cobblestones on the way, but that is as expected for Santorini.
Beautiful Hotel, very close to everything (central location to the island), great view terrace, very comfortable and spacious... but the best part is the staff... they were very accommodating and helpful. Lastly they are very affordable! Would go back anytime
All of the staff esp Yanis are all helpful !! . We really had an early flight to come to Santorini which made us really tired . ( a mistake from flight booking ) fortunately, they were able to help and accommodate us early too ! Giving us 1 room to check in and were able to rest immediately. Near to the centre of action - Probably - about 5- 7 minutes walk including a few hilly part . We didn’t had problem with that . There is a pool and jacuzzi which my sister from the US loves . They clean the room everyday with towel changed and refills the toiletries . Thank you and I couldn’t ask for more !!